SmartSphere provides a full range of services for the development of IoT devices ranging from personal orders to mass production.

We carry out the development and production of IoT devices in the following areas:
  1. Embedded systems;
  2. Data collection and transmission systems;
  3. Wireless systems;
  4. Created systems with extremely low power consumption;
  5. Integration of ready-made IoT solutions with customer’s IT systems;
  6. Integration with monitoring systems (Zabbix, Nagios);
  7. Visualization systems;
We carry out a full cycle of development of electronic devices and embedded systems:
  1. Circuitry;
  2. Вesign and development of printed circuit boards;
  3. The creation of finished electronic products “turnkey”;
  4. Development of ready-made solutions based on GNU / Linux;
  5. Software development for microcontrollers;
  6. Development of “cloud” software for configuring and managing devices;
  7. Development of electronic devices taking into account operating conditions.
From the very beginning of its existence, the team of our company relies on the cloud provision of its solutions. The advantages of using our cloud when launching our solutions:
  1. A quick start with zero cost;
  2. Low operating costs for the maintenance of running solutions;
  3. Stable, maintenance-free operation;
  4. Having your own data center;
  5. 24-hour technical support.