A device for remote control and monitoring

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Удаленный контроль параметров (remote control parameters) удаленный мониторинг (remote monitoring) wifi electric meter
wifi control - SFERIO cloud control - SFERIO wifi thermostat - SFERIO
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This device

lectric meter
wifi control
wifi thermostat

This device

lectric meter - sferio wifi control - sferio wifi thermostat - sferio
electricity meter - SFERIO
wifi control - SFERIO
wifi relay board - SFERIO
  • Remotely monitors physical parameters and operates control objects.
  • Visually represents the situation of the controlled objects.
  • Prevents any possible worst case scenario.
  • Controls actuators.
  • Controls power consumption.
  • Provides a Wireless Wi-Fi interface.
  • Provides visualization and per minute data detailing.
  • Provides smart home functions.

Thanks to the constant automated control and the possible development of events;

  • Due to the rich capabilities of data visualization, it allows you to visualize the situation at the controlled objects and promptly notify about the likely development of events at the controlled object;
  • It has “Dashboards” for visualization of data with constant detail.